Resource file phpsecurity/sinks/S5147.json

SonarQube Developer Edition 9.1.0

Received a number of messages like:
16:23:35.274 DEBUG: Resource file phpsecurity/sinks/common.json was not read
16:23:35.293 DEBUG: Resource file phpsecurity/sinks/S5147.json was not read

Same for sources, sinks, sanitizers, passthroughs. In total around 100 similar lines.

What does it mean? Why the resource wasn’t read? How to fix this issue?

Hey there.

These are DEBUG level logs that don’t represent a real issue – they are harmless messages that indicate the analyzer is checking to see if a file containing a certain rule configuration exists, and should they not exist (a perfectly valid state), the message is logged.

So no issue to fix. :slight_smile:

The messages like ‘something that looks important wasn’t read’ worry me a bit :slight_smile: Do I need to get those missed items somewhere? Because it looks like otherwise I may overlook something, like the rule patterns.