Reset Scan Results for Local Development

Hi, this is my first post, flame me as necessary.

We would like to run SonarLint against our SQ profiles, but get a report of ALL issues, not just new issues. Because we have existing projects, and they may include 3rd party or Android code, we have configured mostly to report new issues.

But long-term and short-term branch configuration means that its possible that your branch has no new issues, but when you merge to master branch fails. The result is that the developer makes several checkins to try to fix the code. I can provide thorough explanation if needed.

So we need some for developers to scan with our server profile, but make all issues “new issues”

Maybe there is a way to override some SQ profiles with local profiles.

If that doesn’t make sense, or is solved and documented, then apologies for re-asking, but thanks for letting me join the community.