Rescanning existing project misses a hotspot

So, we had to change project keys for some of our projects, that of course created a new project that got re-scanned.
But what I noticed was that the old project had a hotspot found, but the new project does not. But the code that triggered the hotspot still exists.

We are using * Developer Edition * Version 8.6.1 (build 40680)

Hello @Scott_Chapman

Analysis should be deterministic. If it is not, the most probable explanation is that something changed between the two analyses. For example, you updated SonarQube or the configuration changed. In your case, are you sure that the new project has the same configuration as the old one?

In any case, your post is vague, it is missing a lot of information in order to understand what is happening. For example:

  • what rule are you talking about?
  • can you provide a code sample, raising (or not) the issue? Is it what you would expect?
  • are you still able to reproduce it?