Reports for some programming languages disappear in SonarCloud


This is not related to any filters, or settings of an account.
What could be the problem?

Hey @Alexey_Mitrofanov

Could you find two GitHub Actions runs on your main branch that correlates to the different analyses outputs? From there it is easier to compare logs and try and spot what’s changing.

Hey @Colin,
For example task IDs: AYNexl9TlaDa-tfs5hra and AYNdi7HylaDa-tfs5fNV

Hey there.

I’m referring to the output of the sonar-scanner

After this analysis, the results were visible during the first half of the day

Since this analysis, we can see nothing

Hey @Alexey_Mitrofanov

In fact, I think there’s a super simple explanation. You have sonar-scanner running in two different builds sonarcloud and sonarcloud-others and since they both ultimately use the same project key, the results of one will always overwrite the results of the other.

At a glance, only sonarcloud-others covers your /ui folder while sonarcloud covers everything. So why the two builds – one with a narrower source set?

Hey @Colin,
sonarcloud-others does not cover C family analysis. I did not know that 2 builds for the same project will work in that way. Just wanted to use 2 builds for different languages (1) C family 2) PHP, JS) with different triggers.
sonarcloud scope should be limited to -Dsonar.sources=src/. I missed that

The ticket can be closed. Thanks a lot for the explanation

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