Reports are not getting generated as old version

After the upgradation from 7.1 to 8.9.1, the reports are getting generated is not same as the old reports.

There were html files are getting included in jacoco folder which is causing noise in the expected report and also as a result ‘Quality Gate’ is getting failed as given below:

Quality Gate: Failed

Quality Profile: Changes in ‘Sonar way’ (Java)

Quality Profile: Use ‘Sonar way’ (CSS)

Quality Profile: Use ‘Sonar way’ (XML)

Quality Profile: Use ‘Sonar way’ (HTML)

How to fix this issue and also how can we get the old exclusion list(from last version) so that we can apply the same to new version.

Also we have found there were difference in code coverage compare to the old version, pls find the report attached for reference:

Asset_Id Asset_Name 8.9 Coverage 7.1 Coverage
201808311016 JAF (Java Application Framework) 11.72 0
201902211004 Multi-Purpose Tribe Tool for System Integration and other Tribe Management Needs 71.14 36.24


It’s not clear to me what the problem is. What are your failing Quality Gate conditions.