Remove Azure DevOps Integration

I’m trying to remove Azure DevOps integration from Sonarcloud.
I appreciate for the help to remove integration from Sonarcloud

Hey there.

What part of the integration are you trying to remove, specifically? Are you still intending to use SonarCloud in some capacity?

We will be using Sonarcloud. I want to remove old Azure DevOps integration and update with new Azure DevOps integration. I tried to update PAT with new Azure DevOps but it’s getting an error because it was connected to old Azure DevOps.

Hey there.

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to unbind an organization and bind it to something else. You can vote for adding this feature here.

The only way to have your organization bound to a different DevOps Platform currently is to create a new organization and re-import your repositories there. Unfortunately, that means you’ll lose the results of previous analyses on these projects.

Sorry for the inconvenience.