Release 10.1 Upgrade and .NET Framework less than 4.6.2

Was just reading the Release 10.1 Upgrade notes about Dropping support for NET Framework less than 4.6.2.
Does this apply to only the build environment? Does our projects/code that will be analyzed need to be 4.6.2 or greater?

Also, did this requirement start with 10.1 or with 9.9?
I saw comments in other postings that it might have started with 9.9, but was not in the 9.9 nor the 10.0 upgrade notes.


This means that if you want to use versions of SonarQube in the future 10.x series and you are still on an older version of the .NET Framework you will need to upgrade your build environment wherever your analysis is run. This doesn’t stop you from analysing code targeting older versions of the framework.