Register rules takes too long - Community edition

While integrating the SONAR server with a db I find the register rules taking very long. On inspecting the rules schema I see that rules for almost 16 languages(6000 and odd) are loaded. Note: I have not installed any plugins(working with defaults). It would be great if we can prevent this and configure the server to load rules for only certain languages. In case there is a way please let me know. I havent been able to find any

Hello @R_Rajiv
Are you pointing at a slow rules registration at SonarQube startup, or something else?

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Yes I’m talking about that one.


Thanks for confirming @R_Rajiv
on my laptop which is running a couple of SonarQube instances, several PostgreSQL, a Jenkins Server,… this startup rules registration takes 8s.
As it is only done at SonarQube startup, I don’t believe there is any meaningful optimization of SonarQube available there.
How much time does it take on your SonarQube?

If it takes more than 10s, then your SonarQube setup probably suffers from bad performances. As this rule registration is mostly applying requests to your DB, I would recommend to have a DBA look into your SonarQube DB.

A clear sign of low DB perfs is also found with background tasks in general, and analysis ones in particular. Are your analysis background tasks slow?
Again on my laptop a 25k LoC project analysis background task runs in 10s.

Let me know.

Hi @Sylvain_Combe ,

I totally agree that our dB is the bottleneck. It’s super fast when I do it with a dummy local dB but slows down on our actual one. However this optimisation will be really useful for any live dB. May not be a high priority item, but definitely helpful to have a setting to prevent loading of rules belonging to so many languages.