Read-only adminstrator role

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help me understand if it’s possible to provide a read-only administration view. A request has been made to view the exclusions set for each project but currently that would require assigning full admin which is untenable.

If this is not available may I submit a feature request for some kind of read-only admin role?

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Welcome to the community!
This is currently not possible. To be able to the project settings, you need admin permission on the project.

It was considered in the past (see SONAR-8709) but it never got a real traction.
Would you mind explaining why you are trying to see this info for each project? Are you interested by another info other than exclusions?


Hi Chris,

The request came from someone in management to be able to see all aspects of our SonarCloud account settings/projects. I think the interest was in stats/reporting and exclusions.

If there’s no traction for it then I guess it will just lurk until such a day comes.

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