ReactJS and Developing SonarQube Java/Maven Plugin

How to develop SonarQube Plugin with Maven and Java and use the React JS to develop the user interface? And how to connect with Jenkins and SonarScanner.

Any examples or tutorials with steps and architecture will be useful and helpful.

You shouldn’t need to develop a SonarQube plugin in order to work with Java/Maven. SonarQube includes a Java analyzer and there is a special SonarScanner for Maven to facilitate analysis of a Maven project. It’s basically just an extra maven target you call during your build.

While we don’t yet have specific support for ReactJS, our SonarJS analyzer will analyze your javascript code. If this code is included in the Maven project, it should be discovered and analyzed automatically so long as your javascript sources are co-located with your Java sources. If not or if the UI code is a separate project, you may need to include extra analysis parameters (which can be stored in a file) to specify the location of the js sources.

There is also a plugin for Jenkins.

Lastly, here’s a basic architecture overview.

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