Quick Action to fix does nothing or disappears when clicked


(Cameron Miller) #1

Using solarlint extension in visual studio 2017 for a c# project.

  • Reproduction:
  1. write code that triggers a solarlint analysis issue (e.g. provide an incomplete implementation of the Disposable pattern).
  2. in the text editor hover over the squiggly line for the issue
  3. attempt to click on the quick action or the Show potential fixes
  4. Incorrectly, nothing happens. If something should happen then it should happen. If the extension can’t provide the “fix” functionality, then it shouldn’t show the quick action light bulb or show potential fixes.

(Amaury Levé) #2

Hi @Cam.

Could you let us know the rules for which the code fix doesn’t work? The disposable pattern you are referring to (as an example) doesn’t provide any code fix.