Question on Sonar.jdbc.schema

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Hello Team,

Current version: 7.9.3
Target version: 8.9.9 (currently upgrading)

  1. Does this parameter (Sonar.jdbc.schema)is required in file ? We are using oracle database. I could not see this parameter in my production environment.

  2. I am aware that new sonarqube LTS version 9.9 is releasing on February. We are currently using sonarqube 7.9.3 LTS. If we need to upgrade to sonarqube 9.9 LTS,

Should we upgrade to 8.9 and then 9.9?

Appreciate your response.


I wonder where this question is coming from. If you check the file, you’ll find this comment:

#----- Oracle 12c/18c/19c
# The Oracle JDBC driver must be copied into the directory extensions/jdbc-driver/oracle/.
# Only the thin client is supported, and we recommend using the latest Oracle JDBC driver. See
# for more details.
# If you need to set the schema, please refer to

Which refers you to this ticket which indicates that support for that property was dropped in SonarQube 4.2. If you need to set the schema, you should do it in the JDBC URL.

Yes! Yes! 1000 times yes! :smiley: