Question about versioning for "New Code"

Hello! New to SonarCloud and setting up the New Code settings.

Currently our application is not versioned as a whole (I know…). We we have a monolith repo that is comprised of a monolith project and a growing number of microservices and are using Azure Pipelines to build our apps.

We are using a build framework called Cake for our monolith project and smaller, independent pipelines for our microservices. We are using gitflow and cut release branches for sprint releases.

What is the best way to set our new code settings in this scenario?

Also, I noticed that if I were to try to use variables in my pipeline in Azure DevOps, the version posted to SonarCloud would not be the interpreted version, but the variable name itself. I tried setting this in both the Project Version property, as well as in Additional Parameters… Am I not able to do this?



Welcome to the community!

Since your app isn’t versioned, you’ll need to pick some other benchmark or milestone to count “new” from. Since it’s a monolith, am I right in thinking it maybe doesn’t release as often? So maybe a monthly or quarterly new code period would work? Of course, you’ll need to manage that manually.

For your variable interpolation question, perhaps this will help. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to create a separate thread for that. We try to keep it to one question per thread. Otherwise, it gets messy, fast.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the response. The app is released at least once a month if not bi-weekly. I was hoping you wouldn’t mention a manual version (lol), but perhaps that’s what we need to do until our app is versioned.

I will start another thread for the question around variable interpolation, as my variable was already wrapped in $().

Thank you so much.

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