Quboo Plugin - Request to be included in the Marketplace

(Moisés Macero) #1


I’d like to request the inclusion of the Quboo plugin in the Marketplace. Quboo is a platform that uses gamification techniques to encourage devs to fix their legacy code. The plugin gets some basic information about fixed issues in SonarQube so it can be analyzed to calculate the score and badges, rankings, etc.

Quboo is on beta phase but it’s already open for registration at https://quboo.io. I can create a test account if you prefer that.

The plugin’s GitHub repository is: https://github.com/thepracticaldeveloper/quboo-sonarqube-plugin

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Moises,

Just to check in, this is in my queue but it may be a while before I get to it.


(G Ann Campbell) #3


I found signing up for an account on your site in order to test this rather frustrating. It would be nice if you gave all the password requirements for account creation on the Quboo site up front. Instead I had to learn them one by one as I tried and failed - four different times - to create an account. It would also be nice if ‘enter’ submitted the account creation form.

Regarding the plugin, it doesn’t interfere with server startup or user experience. At the same time, I couldn’t figure out how to accumulate points. Maybe because I was too lazy to commit my test changes? The issues assigned to me got fixed, so I expected that to be enough. If it’s not, then it’s probably worth stating in your docs exactly how you get credit for a fixed issue.

But none of these points are blockers.

Feel free to submit a PR on the Marketplace metadata repo, as described here.


(Moisés Macero) #4

Hi Ann,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Really appreciated. Actually, I already modified the sign-up component to include the password policy and also added the ‘enter’ key behavior :smile:

We’re also working on making clearer how everything works. It’s true that might be hard to find out the steps to follow to get points.

I created the Pull Request here. Let me know if I should create a separate thread for this. I’ll also include the reminder as stated in the instructions: this is a new plugin so please include it in the library page.

Thanks again!

(G Ann Campbell) #5


Just to keep this thread up to date, I’ve requested a small change on the PR. This should be ready to go live soon.


(G Ann Campbell) #6

Hi Moises,

You’re in!

And thank for the reminder about the Plugin Library page. I would have forgotten otherwise. :slight_smile: