QualityGate should also be assigned permissions

We want to assign a Quality gate to each team and want to customize the authorization for each QualityGate


Can you please give more explanations why you’d like each team to be able to customize the Quality Gate assigned to its projects?
Having a cross-teams/projects Quality Gate definition allows you to enforce a global quality policy in your organization, for a common level of expectation for the quality of all your projects.


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There are Pros and cons.

If you have cross-teams/projects Quality Gate definition, you cannot set higher thresholds ultimately for all the teams. Teams having too many issues will be solving them momentarily while the team with no issues will be relaxing until the threshold increases.

Having individual quality gates and manageable/regulated by teams (Lead/Manager) can have them increase their threshold for every sprint or 2 bases. Don’t have to depend on other teams.

— Harish