Quality Gate status not available in Azure Devops


We’re currently using the combination of SonarCloud - AzureDevOps for several of our projects. But I’m having a strange issue with a few of our projects.

The status of those projects doesn’t get published towards Azure DevOps, so I can’t use it in some pipeline policies.

Everything works ok. PR decoration works, and there are no issues with publishing Quality Gate Results but somehow the result status is not available in the policies under status to check.

  • We’re using the same PAT for all other projects (where this is working). So I don’t think it’s a PAT issue.

  • On SonarCloud itself, under Background Tasks, I see the merges and PR’s with success.

I can provide some TasksID’s if needed.

But am I missing something ? Do we need to enable something to publish the Gate Status towards Azure Devops ?

I’ll send you a private message.