QUALITY GATE STATUS: FAILED - View details on [MASKED]/dashboard?id=house

  • SonarQube-8.8-community
  • Scanner: image: sonarsource/sonar-scanner-cli:latest
  • gitlab-ci.yml
09:02:45.463 INFO: Analysis report compressed in 855ms, zip size=1 MB
09:02:45.463 INFO: Analysis report generated in /builds/houselive/web-react/house/.scannerwork/scanner-report
09:02:45.463 DEBUG: Upload report
09:02:45.623 DEBUG: POST 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/submit?projectKey=house&projectName=HouseLive%3Ahouse | time=159ms
09:02:45.625 INFO: Analysis report uploaded in 162ms
09:02:45.627 DEBUG: Report metadata written to /builds/houselive/web-react/house/.scannerwork/report-task.txt
09:02:45.627 INFO: ------------- Check Quality Gate status
09:02:45.627 INFO: Waiting for the analysis report to be processed (max 300s)
09:02:45.637 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/task?id=AXj995lJ4xPm9oKhST-Y | time=10ms
09:02:50.651 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/task?id=AXj995lJ4xPm9oKhST-Y | time=11ms
09:02:55.673 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/task?id=AXj995lJ4xPm9oKhST-Y | time=22ms
09:02:55.697 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/qualitygates/project_status?analysisId=AXj995_7kABgyo-V9OgW | time=23ms
09:02:55.708 DEBUG: eslint-bridge server will shutdown
09:03:00.998 DEBUG: stylelint-bridge server will shutdown
09:03:06.004 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
09:03:06.004 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
09:03:06.005 INFO: Total time: 1:06.920s
09:03:06.057 INFO: Final Memory: 14M/237M
09:03:06.057 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
09:03:06.057 ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
QUALITY GATE STATUS: FAILED - View details on [MASKED]/dashboard?id=house
Cleaning up file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: command terminated with exit code 1

Hey there.

…and? Did you go to SonarQube to see why your Quality Gate failed? :smiley:

From the documentation on Gitlab integration

Failing the pipeline job when the Quality Gate fails

In order for the Quality Gate to fail on the GitLab side when it fails on the SonarQube side, the scanner needs to wait for the SonarQube Quality Gate status. To enable this, set the sonar.qualitygate.wait=true parameter in the .gitlab-ci.yml file.

You can set the sonar.qualitygate.timeout property to an amount of time (in seconds) that the scanner should wait for a report to be processed. The default is 300 seconds.

If you don’t want the pipeline to fail on Quality Gate failure, you can remove sonar.qualitygate.wait from your gitlab-ci.yml

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Thanks for your reply. This solution is correct.

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