Quality gate specifies blockers, criticals, and vulnerabilities, but display shows bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells

I don’t understand some relationships between the quality gate and the pull request branch scan. We have several conditions in our quality gate, being vulnerabilities, critical issues, blockers, duplication percentage, and coverage percentage. Right now, we’re testing the “new” variations of the “issues” ones. I’ve verified that when I deliberately add code to my pull request that adds a vulnerability, it successfully detects the “new vulnerabilities” threshold (of 0) and fails the scan with the one vulnerability.

We have also added conditions for new blockers and new critical issues. In the display of the pull request branch scan, it has a panel for “New Bugs”, “New Vulnerabilities”, and “New Smells”, in addition to the coverage and duplications panels. I wasn’t able to figure out a “blocker” issue to add, so I’m not sure how that would render in the display. Would that go in the “New Bugs” panel? Why do the names not match?

The main Pull Request dashboard doesn’t morph to your Quality Gate conditions — it’s static. However, if you breach a Quality Gate Condition (like New Blocker Issues) it will show up on the dashboard as a failed quality gate condition.

Effectively, the same behavior as dashboards on long lived branches.