Quality Gate default Sonar way returns no value on endpoint or database

  • which versions are you using: * SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.9 (build 65466)
  • how is SonarQube deployed: Helm
  • Database - postgresql

SELECT p.kee
FROM projects p JOIN project_qgates pqg ON p.uuid = pqg.project_uuid
JOIN quality_gates qg on pqg.quality_gate_uuid = qg.uuid
WHERE qg.name = ‘Sonar way’;

api/qualitygates/search?gateName=Sonar way&page=1

Hey guys,
I have a question about the Default Quality Gate values. I’m trying to make a list of applications in this quality gate, but I can’t retrieve it from the endpoint or the database. Why can’t these values ​​be retrieved?

If I create a new Quality Gate and associate a new application, the endpoint request and the database query both return values.



Please don’t try. You really should treat the DB like a black box & not go sticking your hands in there. (Obligatory Dune reference.)

If you’re looking for a list of projects that use your default Quality Gate… you’re not going to find it lying around.

If you were looking for a list of projects that used a non-default QG, that would be easy because they would be explicitly associated with it. But for the default, there’s no explicit association. The default is used when there isn’t an associated Quality Gate.

So what you’re going to have to do is

  • get list of all projects
  • for each non-default Quality Gate
    • pull list of associated projects
    • remove each associated project from projects list

What’s left at the end is your list.


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