QLD govt dept needs Cloud information security technology assessment

I am from Queensland (Australia) Water department, and we are on a cloud transformation journey. As part of our cloud data platform delivery through different initiatives, we have narrowed down to use SonarCloud as our preferred s/w for code testing etc.

Before I can procure the product under govt regulation I need a Cloud information security technology assessment done.
I do have a security assessment document with me (cannot attach to this forum as its an excel file) and needs duly completed by SonarCloud security team.

Can I please get some lead on who to approach and get this sorted asap

Abhi Mehta

Hello Abhi,

Welcome to the community.

Please can you review the Security Statement first and here you can also download documents from our security profile.

If you need anything else, please open a ticket through https://sonarcloud.io/contact.

Kind regards,