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Hello, I would like to try to give a push to the ticket
It has Major priority but it is sitting there since 4 years.

Selecting the issue pertaining to a certain folder is critical to filter the C# projects and assign the resolution of an issue to the responsible team.
Currently you do not have support for wildcards in the filters and the folder filter only returns the issues found in that specific folder, ignoring the subfolders, which make it impossible to select all the issues of a specific project.

Thank you in advance for your time, and please please prioritize the resolution of

Best regards

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Hi @sergio.cina,

This ticket effectively sits in the backlog for quite a while due to its complexity and lack of prioritization.
Would you mind sharing why in your case this improvement is important? I have a basic understanding that multiple teams are collaborating on the same project, in different folders. Are you analyzing multiple C# projects as a single entity on SonarQube?


Hi Christophe,
Yes, we are analyzing the whole solution (with multiple projects) as a single entity on SonarQube.
The projects are closely related and each team is responsible for a selection of them.
A recursive folder filter can allow a team to quickly find all the issues they are responsible for.

Or to make simpler cases:

  • imagine a solution with a couple of projects, each of which has a couple of folders like “Views”, “Models”, “ViewModels” etc. and you want to select all the issues belonging to only 1 project.
  • imagine a single project with nested folders like Views/ConnectionViews, Views/DbViews etc. and you want to select all the issues related to Views and its subfolders, because you are part of the UI team.

These do not seem to me like fringe cases, from my experience they are quite a common pattern in many companies.
I hope this can help you prioritize its resolution.
Best regards,

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