Pull Request Status Update to GitHub

We are currently using Sonar version (Upgraded to this version in the last 2 weeks)

Since that time the Analysis results that we were getting in the comments of our PR’s are not coming through for all of our Repo’s.

I do see the notification on SonarQube that
“Pull request decoration did not happen. Please install SonarQube Github application on the repository’s organization or user.”

But this is not something that we have ever had to set up before now. We have been using SonarQube for at least a year with the Results Posting in the comments of the GitHub PR’s with out a problem. Is this something that has changed with this newest version that requires the GitHub Application to be set up on the organization in order to get the results?


How we interact with GH PRs changed in 7.7. Now you really do have to set up a GH Application because we use GH checks now, instead of comments. This also means that even after you’ve done the requisite setup (as mentioned in the upgrade notes) you won’t see inline comments any more; we dropped them because they were difficult to manage and lingered even after they were stale.