Pull Request is not analysis while triggering anlaysis though bamboo

I am using a sonarcloud paid version where I have configured my bitbucket repo and analyses method is manual but while creating a pull request it does not show me the analysis for a particular PR.

Hey there.

If you’re using Include Code Quality for Bamboo I believe that you can get the pull-request related analysis parameters configured automatically. If not, you’ll need to provide the sonar.pullrequest.* analysis parameters.

(I’ll ping our Docs team to understand why we only document these in the SonarQube documentation, not the SonarCloud documentation)

Can you provide me a demo that how to configure the Pull request decoration manually.

This is a Community Forum – I suggest you describe what you’ve tried already and what hasn’t worked, so that others can help you troubleshoot.

Hi Colin,
I have a paid version of SonarCloud and have three repository and I want to configure the pull request decoration in that three repo, how to pass more that one pull request key and branch name at the same time while compiling the solution with sonar-scanner-msbuild . I configured the analysis method manually.