Pull Request Decoration with Bitbucket Enterprise will be welcome



Here in Thales, Bitbucket Enterprise is the official Corporate tool selected for Git repositories management and also SonarQube for Coding Rules check.
We will be pleased when the new Pull Request Decoration with Bitbucket Enterprise be available.
I know it is on the SonarSource roadmap, but I really want to “vote” for this new feature.
Thank you for all,

(Daniel Sobral) #2

I created a “suggestion”, which is what the documentation pointed me to about unsupported source control systems in pull request decoration. To be clear, I want the same thing as you, but your message is tagged “Plugging Development”, and it seems the right path is “Suggest New Features”.

(G Ann Campbell) #3

Good point @Daniel. I’ve recategorized this.

You’re apparently both aware that this is in the plans. So you know, it’s currently looking like early 2019.


(Nicolas Bontoux) #6

(Nicolas Bontoux) #7

Duplicate suggestion. Follow-up below: