Pull Request Decoration and Bitbucket Data Center

We want to know if the Developer Edition of SonarQube supports Pull Request Decoration on Bitbucket Data Center. The documentation talks about Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud but there is no mention of Data Center. Don’t know if SonarQube sees Cloud and Data Center versions of Bitbucket as same.
We are planning to move from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Data Center and need something like Pull Request Decoration for our CI/CD.

Hi @MohitS and welcome to this community :slight_smile:
SonarQube sees the cloud and server versions of any DevOps Platform as different things. In the case of Bitbucket, the PR decoration works on both cloud and server versions.
As the implementation of Data Center edition is the same as Server, it should work. Though, I haven’t tested it myself so far so I cannot guarantee.

I will forward your message and see if anyone else already tried to run it under Data Center edition.

Kind regards,
Christophe - DevOps Platforms PM