Pull request analysis on non-clean builds


I’m currently trying to implement the new C++ cache feature to see if we can get the build time down to something more realistic so that we can use Pull Requests integration.

Quick question: Are you able to use a non-clean build with sonarqube pull request analysis? e.g Only build what has changed. I know doing this for full scans is not possible, but will this work with pull request builds (while using the cfamily cache if that makes any difference.)

Sonarqube version: 8.2

Hey Jack.

I think this post should help.

Ah ok, thanks for the link. It looks like the only way to reduce time would be to use ccache. Unfortunately we are unable to do this, as MSVC is not supported.

Is there any plans to support this?

As far as im aware, this is only a limitation of the C++/c scanner, is that correct?

A build is required for compiled language (Java, C#, C/C++) – in none of those cases right now is an incremental build supported for analysis.