Publish quality gate Task in Azure DevOps Build takes a very long time to execute, when On-premise DB migrated to Azure PaaS SQL Database

#The details of Sonarqube versions :
- Sonarqube - Enterprise Edition
- Version: sonarqube-
- Sonarqube AZDO extension : 4.21.0
**We have migrated SonarQube On-premise SQL server database to Azure PaaS SQL server database.
The Details of the database are :
Old On-Premise DB:
- SQLExpress 15.0
Migrated DB:
- Azure SQL Server (12.0)
- Pricing tier: Standard S4: 200 DTUs

Problem: The builds are taking too much time on Publish quality gate task with the following

What I have tried so far :


If the only thing in your system that has changed is the DB, then that’s likely the issue. Ideally your DB and your SonarQube instance are going to be close to each other on the network. During analysis report processing (while you’re waiting for your QG status) there’s a lot of traffic to the DB, so any changes to your DB are very likely to be the culprit.

Additionally, increasing CE threads can have a detrimental effect when not managed carefully. I would start by reversing that change and taking a look at your DB performance and interaction.