PRs stuck in "First analysis in progress"

We have a few PRs stuck in “First analysis in progress”.
How can we cancel these?

The PRs are merged now.
We currently have 3 stuck, one from Tuesday, yesterday and today.



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Is this still happening? We had a problem earlier this week, but it was resolved a few hours ago.


We also noticed this as well as other Failures with just Blank white outputs. Could these be related?


Yes, the 3 from my first comment are still stuck and we now have another 2 stuck.

Can we manually cancel these runs?


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Hello @danstewart, can you please share your organization and the time period when you experienced this issue? From there we can investigate further on the SonarCloud end.

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The project is “touramigo”.

The “hermes-app” project currently has 5 stuck, dated between Tuesday and today.

The “athena-app” project currently has 7 stuck dated between June 26th and Tuesday.


Hello Dan,

I’ll have a look at your issue.

Can you tell me how does the analysis runs ? Are you using automatic analysis ? Or are you running it differently ? (like github actions or other CI tool ?)

And just to make sure, do you have some analysis that works correctly (you only have issues with a few ones) or is it ALL your analysis that are stuck ?

Hi Quentin,

It’s automatic analysis on GitHub PRs.

It’s only some that get stuck.
The last stuck one is from 4 days ago so looks like it’s still an issue.


Alright, can you have a look on your project page in “Administration > Background Tasks” and see if you have more infos here.

If it’s automatic analysis ran by Sonar you should see them in background tasks.

Let’s try to see if the task itself is stuck as well or if it failed.

If you identified a failed task that is related to your stuck analysis for your PR have a look at the logs clicking on the 3 dots on the right of the screen.

There is nothing under Pending or In Progress. The only Failed tasks are a few months old.
I’m not sure how to match up these tasks to the PRs so not sure if the tasks are just not there or if they’re listed as successful.

I’ve been given admin privileges now and have went through and deleted the stuck PRs.

I’ll keep an eye on any more getting stuck and let you know.

Ok nothing under background tasks then.

Yes please keep me posted if you have another stuck analysis with the date, time (approx) and the project and organization key. You can send theses infos through direct message if you don’t want to share them publicly.