Projects main branch data wiped

Using Bitbucket, we had an issue where the main branch data was wiped from almost all of our products. It said the branch had not been analyzed yet. Rerunning the validation pipeline fixed the issue, but I could not find a reason that the branches were wiped. I did not see anything strange in the validation pipeline that caused the issue. Some new code smells were found in recently merged code, but they were not discovered when we ran validation against the branches we merged into the main branch. I’m not sure if these are related issues, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Anybody have any idea why this occurred?

Hi @Andrew_Weaver and Cecilia,

Would you check if this issue may correlate with this incident?
If not, let me know, we could then check the projects analyses history.


Yes, that seems consistent with what happened. I was made aware of it on the 4th, but the pipeline ran on the 1st. I’m not sure if it did wiped info on runs prior to May 3rd, or if the issue was only identified on May 3rd.

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