Project level PAT in bounded Project

I needed to update Organization level PAT in SonarCloud. I realized that some of our SonarCloud projects have project level PATs and these projects are bounded to organization. I don’t know why Devs added project level PAT to bounded projects.
When I try to remove project level PAT, I get error message. Is there a way to remove project level PAT for bounded project?
If Organization level PAT is valid but project level PAT expires what would happen? Couldn’t find info in SonarCloud document.

Hi Mine,

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Which DevOps platform are you using? Could you also please let me know which error message you are getting?


Hi Serhat,

We use the Azure DevOps platform. If I remove the project level PAT of imported project, I get “Validation failed. Provide a value” message. I want to purge unnecessary Personal Access Tokens from SonarCloud to manage all projects using a single PAT (Organization level one). Developers tested and gave me feedback that they do not need PAT at the project level for PR analysis. But they were using it before and now when I try to remove project level PATs, I can’t do it. Is there a way to do this without re-importing already imported projects?


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Instead of saving an empty value, use the Reset button.

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When we click on the reset button, only PAT will be removed, right? Nothing else in the project will be affected.

That’s correct!

Thanks a lot!

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