Project bound to an invalid remote project

I m trying to connect to my sonarqube server with my credentials
I can list remote project, select one project (in reality, i want to use the same profile, to trigger analyzing
from IJ IDE)
However when trigerring analyzing, i got

SonarLint - Invalid binding
Project bound to an invalid remote project

Any clue of the reason ?

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Hi @Christophe_Lebel

This looks strange, indeed. May I ask you the version of your SonarQube server, and also could you look at SonarLint logs (in the SonarLint tool window), enable verbose output, and trigger an update of the binding. Look for any error. If you don’t know what to look for, please share the output with me (send me a private message if you prefer).

Our sonarqube version is Version 6.7.7 (build 38951)
I use another dns name to reach our server and it worked… I came back to the old one and it works also now. I didn’t find any relevant logs in the console anyway. If i reproduce the issue i will add the related message.
Thanks anyway.

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Good to know you problem is solved! Thanks for the follow up.