Problems parsing css file

Good morning

I am carrying out an analysis of a project that has the following languages: javascript, typescript, css and html.
Well, launching the analysis I saw that a css file does not appear in the analysis.
This is because it has a size of 1561 kb and sonarqube understands that it is very large and does not analyze it.
Searching through the sonarqube options, I found the following option that I attached in the image.
I have increased the size from 1000 to 1600 and now it analyzes it.

But this is an option within the Javascript/typescript menu, how is it possible that this option is valid for CSS?
Really, does this option work for all languages and is it misplaced or is it a sonar error?

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Hello @Raul_Novillo,

Thank you for raising the issue, and providing a fix for it.

The option is under JS/TS and works like that because the analyzer for JS,TS and CSS is the same.

We will investigate how to improve clarity on the matter and come back to you.


We have opened an issue to track this topic: Fix confusion over `sonar.javascript.maxFileSize` being applied on CSS files · Issue #4234 · SonarSource/SonarJS · GitHub