Previously we failed to integrate your SonarLint 5.2.1into our DS-5 IDE as DS-5 always complained

We are using DS-5 as our IDE to develop firmware, which is a Eclipsed based.

On this June, we have tried to install your SonarLint from Eclipse Market space, the result was terrible:

l We failed to install SonarLint into DS-5 as a plugin

l When I tried to uninstall, the Eclipse complains “cannot fully uninstall with other installed software”

Will you please help us on this?


What is the language you are trying to analyze? I gave a quick look at DS-5 home page and I would assume this is C or C++. If I’m correct, I’m not sure this is worth spending time to install SonarLint, since the C/C++ analysis will not work without additional development. Our C/C++ analyzer needs advanced knowledge of the project build metadata (compiler flags, includes, …) that we can’t guess without tight integration. We maintain the integration with Eclipse CDT, but if DS-5 does not have an API to get those info, there is nothing we can do. We had the same constraint for our Cobol analyzer, and some (Eclipse based) Cobol IDE editors maintain an integration with SonarLint on their side to not expose their closed source code.

So if you want this topic to move forward, I suggest you get in touch with DS-5 editor, and ask them if they are ready to collaborate with us (including possibly doing extra development). Just be aware that we have limited resources, and I don’t think this would be a high priority on our side.