PR decoration while scanning the repo twice

We have our code split into two projects on SonarQube.
When we have a PR, we scan the code through both projects. However, if the checks for either of the projects passes (even if the other project is failing), the SonarQube GitHub plugin considers the quality gate passed.
Is there a way to fail the quality gate if either of the scans fail?

Hey there.

You’re looking for monorepo support, which is available starting in the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube ($). See the documentation under GitHub Integration > Reporting your Quality Gate status in GitHub > Advanced configuration

Hi Colin,

The repo that I am scanning is not a monorepo but I am still experiencing this behavior.

Hey there.

If you have a code splint into two projects in the same repository… as far as SonarQube is concerned you have a monorepo. Can you go into some details on the technical reason for the splitting into two projects (mix of languages, build, something else?)

We have it split due to a different languages (one project for javascript and one for C++)