PR analysis branch name whitelisting

Hi We have a pull request analysis failing on sonarcloud with the message:
“dependabot/npm_and_yarn/@types/lodash-4.14.118” is not a valid branch name.
It can only contain ‘A-Z’, ‘a-z’, ‘0-9’, ‘-’, ‘_’, ‘.’, and ‘/’)"

We are using a tool called dependabot which generates the branch name, Can the above validation please be relaxed?

We also had a user include a # in their branch name which failed the above validation

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That’s a valid request, thanks for reporting it, and sorry about the delay.

I created a ticket to handle this, you can track its progress here:

This is a blocking issue especially in NPM where you want to create a branch for upgrading a library and you give the branch the name of the library. In NPM scoped libraries will have the @ character and will cause SonarCloud to fail.
This should be marked in JIRA as bug rather than an improvement.

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Makes sens, I marked it as bug.