Posting multiple or one monolithic post

Hello, we are a group of developers working on implementing multiple C# rules intended to extend the current SonarQube c# plugin, and we are unsure of how to raise the issue of the rules.

We have most of the information needed for the rules’ specifications, and would like to raise them on the forum in order to have these specifications made.

Currently, we’d like to raise rules mainly for dataloss within Entity Framework Core, however, many of our rules are similar or tackle similar issues, and we think it would be best and most convenient, if the information is in one place, but we’re unsure, since most of the posts we can find only contain one rule.

If there is some reason for having individual posts for each rule, we’d like to know, as we want to make to make this as easy for you as possible.


Welcome to the community!

I guess you want to have the rule specifications added to our repository so you can contribute their implementations back to the analyzer?

Generally, as you’ve guessed, the best way to proceed with that is to open a new thread per proposed rule. However, since you have clusters of related rules, perhaps you should create one thread per cluster. Then the discussion can sort out whether each cluster is one rule or multiple.