Possible to schedule projects reload?

We use SonarQube 8.4.1
Is it possible to schedule “Project Data Reload”?

Hello @sgummb,

What do you mean by “Project Data Reload” ?


I refer to following message:

OK I see.
No it’s not possible and it should not be necessary.
Reload (indexing) happens only once after an upgrade, in the background starting by most recently analyzed projects first, and it can run while using the platform.
Once the reload is complete, there is no more reloads required until the next upgrade.
Projects get “reloaded” individually each time a new branch analysis happens (“reload” per branch)

Just in case that is of any help, you can force the full reload by:

  • Stopping SonarQube
  • Deleting the <SONARQUBE_HOME>/data/es6 directory where the index is generated (unless you relocated the data directory with the `sonar.data
  • Restarting SonarQube


Full Data reload occured several times when there was no upgrade in progress.
However, our instance didn’t have enough memory and we faced unwanted restart. We fixed memory size recently.
I will check if index directory is persistent (if not it would be logical to get a full reload at restart…).
Thanks for your help.

You may also get a full reload (actually the term would rather be ElasticSearch re-indexing) if your SonarQube instance suspects that it’s connected to a different database than the one that was used for the previous “reload”.
This happens automatically for instance if the SonarQube JDBC URL is changed. Is that not the case in your set up ?

No change regarding database URL, need to check for persistence configuration.

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