Possible to create Audits for Sonar Cloud?

Hello All,

So my department has become admins over the Sonarcloud in our company, we want to know is it possible to create audits? To identify candidates for clean up, removal or adjustments and such?

Is that feasible? Been trying go over the documentation and I have not seen anything like that.

Hey there.

It’s not clear to me what you’re trying to audit – projects? users? More details would be great :slight_smile:

Hey Colin.

Sorry about that Users really projects we are not going to manager mostly just adding users and removing.

Just want know we can run them see who has not logged in a while needs removal and etc.

Thanks. This isn’t possible today. I’m going to flag this for attention from our PMs.

Got it thank you.

Do you know of any work around to just see when a user last even used their account ?

As far as SonarCloud is concerned, users exist independent of the organizations they belong to (they can belong to multiple org, and leave freely). Additionally, an org admin can currently add any user to their org, which would pretty much expose the last connection date of all SonarCloud users.

So right now, there’s not a workaround I can think of. :confused: