Policy Copy/Extend permissions

I am the owner of a SonarCloud account which is connected to our GitHub, private, repository. I’ve added one of my team members and gave them full permissions to the project, on the permission page, there is no difference between our permissions.

However, when it comes to Quality Profiles, we haven’t different options. I have Copy and Extend options, but he only has Configure.

My question is, can he also be provided with these options? and if so, where are these permissions set?

Hello @ACormack90
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From what you described, you have aligned the project level permissions of your colleague with yours; it means you both are granted project administration, doesn’t it?
With Project level ‘Administer’ permissions, SonarCloud users are not able to apply changes, copy or extend Quality Profiles, they are only able to select an existing Quality Profile for their projects.
Quality Profile changes require Administer Quality Gate permissions at Organization level. I would guess your colleague does not have this permission, does he?

Side note about sharing organization level permissions: those allow the enforcement of code quality and security policies across your organization, they should be aligned with your organization Code Quality and Security governance.

Let me know if this helped.