Plugin with PhpStorm don't scan with provided scope

I use PhpStorm with plugin SonarLint.
I have set Project Settings in PhpStorm:

and deactivate rule in SonarQube String literals should not be duplicated.
But SonarLins plugin still analysis that rule, why?
Restart of PhpStorm don’t resolve that situation.


When you use connected mode, SonarLint uses the rule set defined on your project on SonarQube. Rules customization only works when your project is in standalone mode (not connected).

Please see a recent answer on a similar topic that might be of interest.

Hope this helps understand what you observe

Hello again,

I may have read your question too fast. If you disabled the rule on SonarQube side, maybe what you need to do is update your binding, so that SonarLint is aware of the change.

For this you need to open Settings > Tools > SonarLint, and click on the ‘Update Binding’ button.

Hope this will help