Plugin to check open connections, prepared statements & resultsets in Java & Node.js code base

We are using * Community Edition Version 8.2 …

We are looking to analyse the open connections, Prepared statements & Result set in Java & Node.js code base.

In short, we are looking for an alternative & to automate the process for PMD ( which we are currently following.


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Have you tried analysis with the built-in Java and JavaScript rules?


Hi @ganncamp,

The built-in rules available for checking open database connection and streams in Java using Find-bugs plugins rules.

But I didn’t see any rules to check the open connections and streams in Nodejs code base.

Kindly share your thoughts to analyse the Nodejs open connections and streams



Can you share some examples of problems you would expect SonarQube to detect for NodeJS apps?


Hi @Alexandre_Gigleux,

Sorry for the delayed response. I have added the Non complaint code and complaint code samples. Please check this link.


Thanks for sharing the code samples. We will do our best to consider these use cases when we will start implementing more bug detection rules for JavaScript. As of now, I have no ETA to provide.