Plugin freezes Intellij when sonar server is unreachable

Hi, our sonar server is available only from internal network. If I forget to turn on VPN, Intellij Idea or Webstorm freezes when Sonar plugin tries to communicate with the server. I’m not able to browse and edit code or stop sonar lint process. IDE is in general unusable. Only enabling vpn helps in that situation.

It would be good if communication with server happen in background without affecting normal work.

Hello Artur,

Welcome to the community and thanks for raising this issue.

What version are you using ? We recently fixed bugs related to the problem you are observing.

Could you try to update and make sure you use the 4.14.2 ?


Sorry, I should’ve mention it. I’m using


I created a ticket to fix this problem, you can track its progress if you want.

Thanks again

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