Please set default PR provider to same as repo source

For some reason, even if my source is imported from GitHub, I still have to manually set the PR Provider to GitHub, for every single project. Please, if the repository provider is also a PR provider, make that the default.

Hi @bert-laverman,

I suspect that you’re doing things manually (maybe because you come from the SonarQube world), and this is not the expected way to doing things in SonarCloud. If you setup your project properly in SonarCloud, i.e. by importing the repository from the “Analyze Project” screen, you shouldn’t have to do anything about the configuration, this is done automatically for you.

yes, I have more experience with SonarQube than SounarCloud, but the “Analyze” project screen offers little help unless you use Travis. The instructions for configuring your build are inconsistent across CI tools, and for e.g. Jenkins completely absent. Apart from that, the choice for GitHub is already done one step before the “Analyze project” screen, so that information is readily available to SonarCloud. And no, going through the screen en manually setting up the build still does not get the PR analysis configured. I now have to adjust my Jenkinsfile so it recognizes the build is for a PR, and set the PR id. Also builds of non-master branches need work (setting the branch name).

BTW why doesn’t the scanner use the branch name already set for PR analysis and do I need to set it twice?

Bert Laverman

Hi @bert-laverman,

I’m not sure to understand exactly what is your use case, I guess your question is about launching PR analysis with Jenkins.
In this case, this is in our short-term roadmap (auto-configuration of the scanner + tutorial) and you can follow the MMF here :