'Please retry analysis of this Pull-Request directly on SonarCloud'

I created a Laravel (PHP) project in SonarCloud and went through all the setup steps (multiple times), set a SONAR_TOKEN in GitHub Actions, updated my workflow file, created sonar-project.properties and got a successful message:

And you are done!

You should see the page refresh itself in a few moments with your analysis results if everything runs successfully.

But nothing happens. The project is empty. No repo analysis has been done (after weeks).


Welcome to the community!

Do you mind sharing the organization and repo keys?

Does your project have background task errors? (Administration → Background Tasks).


I couldn’t find any way to contact support privately where I can share my keys.

Here is what I got in GitHub Actions:


Could you copy/paste the text of the log from the “SonarCloud Scan” step?


sonarcloud.log (64.5 KB)


What do you see at this URL (I don’t have permissions to the project): https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=coveliving_bay&pullRequest=49


I re-created projects in SonarCloud multiple times so this link doesn’t work anymore Component 'coveliving_bay' of pull request '49' not found. But as I remember, before it also returned me some error or empty page. Nothing meaningful.

Do you have any private support email or ticketing system?


I’ve flagged this for more expert eyes.


Hello @chimit,

Thank you for reaching out!
I can see in the logs that you have a billing issue related to number of lines of code as below:
" This analysis will make your organization ‘xxx’ to reach the maximum allowed lines limit (having 102351 lines).

Please contact the administrator of the organization to resolve this issue."

This might cause failure.


I removed one project so not should have enough credits but the situation is still the same. I re-ran the setup (100th time) and get this without any progress:

Finally managed to get the code analyzed. It was not obvious that the problem was in limitations.