PIT Mutation is taking too long


My project has multiple modules and I’m using PIT mutation 1.4.0 version. In jenkins pipeline after build unit test and PIT mutation stages but the pit analysis is taking too long and giving memory error.Do I need add any other parameters? I used pit-mutation script as

pitest {
            failWhenNoMutations = false
            outputFormats = ['XML', 'HTML']
            pitestVersion = "1.4"
            targetClasses = ['.']
            jvmArgs = ['-Xmx2048m', '-Xms1024m']
            threads = 4
            dependencyDistance = 1
            useClasspathFile = true         //useful with bigger projects on Windows 
            enableDefaultIncrementalAnalysis = true
            timestampedReports = false
            timeoutConstInMillis = 30000
            mutators = [