PersistIssuesStep very slow

Why did this step update all the issue, it takes very long time.
below is the content of ce.log
[o.s.c.t.s.ComputationStepExecutor] Persist issues | inserts=66 | updates=1968907 | merged=0 | untouched=607 | status=SUCCESS | time=2134265ms
It seems update millions of records in table ‘issues’. I use mysql for database. Need help to do a optimization.
The total time for my project is nearly an hour. Hope your reply, thanks!


note that starting with Sonarqube 7.9, Mysql is no longer supported.
Maybe your problems are one reason for this decision.
see => Additional Information



Can I delete some old issues?

No, this is controlled by sonar.dbcleaner. .. settings of your instance.
Otherwise the sonarqube db should be handled as black box.
You didn’t mention your Sonarqube version, but as the current LTS 7.9.1 has dropped
Mysql support, sooner or later you need to migrate from mysql to a supported database anyway.
Sonarsource provides a tool

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Sonarqube version is 7.7. There is some business problem if I change to use oracle from mysql.

As mysql is not supported anymore and you should update to the latest Sonarqube LTS, you have to choose another database. There are other supported databases beside Oracle, see => Database

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