Permissions required in Azure DevOps

When authenticating through Azure DevOps, can you please advise which permissions are required to be set?
Additionally, please inform us whether the SonarCloud application is a multi-tenant application?

These are answers required by our IT department in order to allow access through Azure DevOps.

Hi @Ryan_Adler

Here are the 2 permissions we need :

  1. Maintain access to data you have given it access to

Allows the app to see and update the data you gave it access to, even when users are not currently using the app. This does not give the app any additional permissions.

  1. Sign in and read user profile

Allows users to sign-in to the app, and allows the app to read the profile of signed-in users. It also allows the app to read basic company information of signed-in users.

And yes, SonarCloud app is multi-tenant.