PDF Report how to interpret read the monthly graph for portfolio security vulnerabilities

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  • which versions are you using (SonarQube Enterprise Edition)
    *** what are you trying to achieve.** Dont understand what the axis mean on the security review, security vulnerability graphs.

can soemone guide me on how to interpret the graphs? thanks


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Could you provide a screenshot of the graph in question?


Hi Ann
thanks for the reply.
See attached
Both charts
So Blue line is number of projects (increasing) related to the scale right hand side axis
So Purple line is number of vulnerabilities (seen here static) related to the scale right hand side axis

So my question is how do I interpret the left hand axis. A-E. I was expecting to see a count of A Ratings B Rating C Rating etc…

By the way this is from the Portfolio PDF report as supported in Enterprise Edition which is automtically generated but there seems to be no documentation online on how to interpret. thanks!


Thanks for the pictures. The left-hand, rating graph shows the history of your portfolio as a whole/in aggregate. The portfolio as a whole has had an A rating for Security Review since inception and a B rating for Vulnerabilities since inception.

The third page of that PDF gives definitions. For Security Vulnerabilities:

Portfolio security is the average security of the portfolio’s projects.

Does this help?


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