Parse error at line 1 column 18

Need a solution for this Parse error

CREATE PARTITION SCHEME [PS_TableName] AS PARTITION [PartitionFunction_TableName] TO ([FilegroupQ32021], [FilegroupQ42021], [FilegroupQ12022], [FilegroupQ22022], [FilegroupQ32022], [FilegroupQ42022], [FilegroupQ12023], [FilegroupQ22023], [FilegroupQ32023], [FilegroupQ42023], [FilegroupQ12024], [FilegroupQ22024], [DATA_DEFAULT])

Hey there.

You’ll need to provide more information, like what langauge you’re trying to analyze, what product(s) you’re using and what versions.

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I am using Sonar cloud web paid versions and the language T-SQL . The above error is in Partition scheme.

Hey @mlingamsiva , thanks for raising this. :slight_smile:

Could you specify the parse error you are getting?
Do you perhaps have any logs?