Organisation already bound, BitBucket integration has login loop

  • ALM used—BitBucket

When I try to login via BitBucket and try to “Import an organization from BitBucket” it tells me that:

Your organization Bitbucket [redacted] is already bound to the SonarCloud organization [redacted]. Try again and choose a different organization.

I am an admin of the BitBucket Workspace [redacted]. It may have been possible that a previous admin was trying out SonarCloud and never fully implemented it, hence us not getting sent invites for access. We now want to set it up but have met this blocker.

On the other hand, when I click SonarCloud settings tab on one of our repositories on BitBucket, it shows:

This repository is already bound to a SonarCloud project

What happens after I click the link

  1. I get thrown into the Login Page
  2. I click Login with BitBucket
  3. Loading SonarCloud spinner shows up
  4. Get thrown back to the Login Page

Our end goal is to have SonarCloud integrated with our BitBucket PRs.

How should I proceed? Thanks

Hey @ksunega

I will send you a private message to get some more details so we can investigate possible solutions.

Hi Kierr, sorry for the late reply,

Are you still facing the issue?
Did you try uninstalling the SonarCloud App from the Bitbucket Cloud organization and re-bind to a new org in SonarCloud that you are admin of?